Secret cars in RC2000

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Secret cars in RC2000

Post by RedTroy on 25/8/2016, 14:25

So, I played RC2000 since 2002/2003 and sometime I found few special sound effects (Toyota engine?) and a few lines of texts in "language file". With patch 5.30 I had unlocked all special cars just like Mooserati, Lambaaghini, MF Turbo, MF Hothatch (Toyota Corolla WRC), Skip (trash container), Local Shop, also Bernie's Peugeot 309 and Speed Wagon (two tuned background cars used by people from Magnetic Fields). But I also find out that there are three hidden vehicles, some of them seen as background cars. Beside few more used by MF (Ford, Renault, Citroen etc.), I had found out that you could drive Land Rover, Tractor or Radio Control Car (Renault Clio V6 was also secret car used only in French version). Anybody know how to unlock this vehicles?


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Re: Secret cars in RC2000

Post by SpartaX18 on 26/8/2016, 14:18

Welcome to the forum!

Silly me thought i know everything about this game, hehe. I was aware about the cars unlocked with cheat codes, but the rest is new to me. So, where'd you find those? In the game files? Maybe there's even more Very Happy
Obviously, i have no idea how to unlock them. I'd need some more info.

All in all, great find!

Witaj na forum!

Bezmyślny ja myślałem, że wiem już wszystko o tej grze, hehe. Byłem świadom aut odblokowywanych kodami, ale reszta jest dla mnie nowa.
Więc, gdzie je znalazłeś? W plikach gry? Może znajduje się tam jeszcze więcej Very Happy
Oczywiście, nie mam pojęcia, jak je odblokować. Potrzebowałbym trochę więcej informacji.

Ogólnie świetne znalezisko!

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